Sunday, May 29, 2011

MTW photo challenge

By now you have all seen this:


It´s been in use for more than two years now so no wonder I´d like it to renew somehow. That´s why I started a challenge. Here´s a picture for you to use (click it to see it bigger):

MTW picture without text

I want you to create something new out of it. I did some myself to insprire you:
mtw daisies MTW goes school MTW goes Christmas

But this style is the one like most:
MTW 1 year

You can enter the challenge e.g. by commenting here or at Flickr or Mini treausures wiki.

Hope to see many of you contributing :).

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  1. Hi Johanna, I submitted my contribution. However the table was a little confusing for me. (and I am familiar with the tables we use on the wiki!) Could we have pic 1, 2, 3 table like on the other pages please?


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