Thursday, April 29, 2010

A minha casa em miniatura baked us a cake

I was very pleased to see that there were a birthday cake baked for MTW by A minha casa em miniatura. Thanks a lot, very sweet from you indeed :).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New girl on the block

Three weeks ago I moved to a new city, Hämeenlinna. And today I joined a local 3-years-old dollhouse club. As many clubs they have also a traditional club swap and this is what they got today (I was not prepared for this). Next time I will teach them how to use the dollhouse wikis, Nukkekotiwiki in Finnish and Mini treasures wiki in English. As always it was fun to talk about minis. See you soon ladies!

Ps. Like in many families, the big sister (Nukkekotiwiki) is not getting the attention she deserves while mum (me) is taking care of the new baby (Mini treasures wiki). So if you are a Finnish miniaturist maybe you can sometimes go and play with the big sister while the mother has her hands full with the baby. The whole family would be pleased. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hi Facebook user: do you like Mini treasures wiki?

As a social media specialist I need to follow my time and now that Facebook introduced a new feature called Like button I tried it in my own sandbox: Mini treasures wiki. In the end of the main page you will see that currently 7 people likes Mini treasures wiki. Cool, thanks for liking the site :).

I teach you a good word to know in Finnish Tykkää = Like.
I like dollhouses = Minä tykkään nukkekodeista
7 henkilöä tykkää tästä = 7 people likes this

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MTW Award 2010 #mtw1year

As mentioned few times it is time to celebrate our one year old wiki and how else would I celebrate it than with you my friends? I decided to promote the people who have brought most traffic to the wiki with an award so if you are one of them - congrats: you have a very nice and popular mini site and I am proud that you have been recommending Mini treasures wiki. So take one of the Award pictures from this blog entry and add it to your mini site.

I took the Google Analytics in use only in November so the results are now based on the activity during Nov 2009 - 14 April 2010. The forums are excluded from the results.

So the winners of the
first MTW Awards are...


I am hoping you will find new cool mini sites you have not seen before from this list :).

And if you want to get the MTW Award next year, that is pretty easy:

1. create a popular mini site
2. add a MTW button there or link to the wiki from your blog posts.

See you in the party ladies! Time to celebrate the wiki and your beautiful mini sites :).

It is party time - #mtw1year

Mini treasures wiki is now one year old. :) I thank you for this first year and hope there will be many more. See how our friends in Flickr party for the first year and then check the main party page. Enjoy and have a good time! :) In the meanwhile I go and check what the final analytics results are - this is thrilling - who of you will get the first MTW Awards?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One day before #mtw1year party

This is getting exciting! Tomorrow we have the virtual party for our beloved Mini treasures wiki! Join us by arranging a party scene in your dollhouse/roombox/diorama. Add the photos to our Faceboo page, to our Flickr group or share a link here in comments, in Twitter or with a hashtag #mtw1year or to party page in the wiki itself: Come and invite your friends as well, it will be so much fun to see how the wiki is celebrated. I guess this is the first global virtual miniature party ever - don't miss it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Following the wiki changes with help of RSS

Are you using Google Reader already (or some similar service e.g. Bloglines) to keep yourself up-to-date about what is happening in your favorite blogs and sites (like our wiki)? If you aren´t check this video. You need an RSS feed for the service and e.g. for our wiki it is: .

Interviewing Nanna, one of our top linkers

For a long time I have thought about interviewing Nanna who is bringing a lot of traffic to Mini treasures wiki through her blog and finally I did it. :) Good for me!
Hi Nanna! How does it feel to bring to be among the top traffic sources to Mini treasures wiki from a month to a month? Well, I was surprised to be a top traffic source for sure. I had no idea!

Tell a little about yourself: who you are, where do you come from and what do you do? I´m 37 years old mum of two children. I live in in the coutryside aboyt 20 km outside the town of Porvoo in Finland together with my husband and our two dogs and a cat. I work at my family company but we are also farmers.

Do you have any hobbies other than miniatures?
Sure thing, I love arts and crafts. I draw a lot with my children. I also do "trackin" with my dog = tracing wounded animals, blood traces and so on.

When and how did you start doing miniatures? I´ve always done miniatures! I had a dollshouse when I was little, but I got my first adult dollhouse 2002. And from then on miniatures has played a big part in my life.

What is your latest / next mini-project? My latest project has been a roombox for a competition in Finland.

How did you find Mini Treasures wiki and what is your favorite page in the wiki? I found the wiki with help of my many mini friends. One could say that the jungle drum led me to it :o) My favorite page is the links page, so I can find everybody elses blogs and photos.

What would you like to see in the wiki in the future? Lots and lots of more lovely miniatures! Maybe a children´s page?

Thanks for the interview! Thanks to you too! And keep up the good work!

A children´s page! What an interesting idea! I guess you mean a page for the kids who a doing also miniatures... How do we define a kid then? Someone under 15? This is a really good idea, help me to make it true by telling how you would do it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

200th Flickr group member - Debbie

Our Flickr group is growing fast, we have already over 200 members and about 2000 pictures :). To celebrate the occasion I interviewed Debbie.
Hi Debbie! How does it feel to be the 200th member of Mini treasures Flickr group? Hello, and thank you for the honor of being interviewed- I am totally surprised by being the 200th member of the mini treasures group!
(I love surprises by the way, at least good ones!

Tell a little about yourself: who you are, where do you come from and what do you do? I 'm the mother of 4 children ages 15. 18 year old twins, and a 20 year old college student. I have been married for almost 22 years, and am a native Hoosier who was transplanted as of 3 years ago to Illinois. I love to dabble in several venues of art, including painting folk art scenes and sketching.

Do you have any hobbies other than miniatures?
I sure do have other hobbies! My top favorite (besides doing miniature art characters) is reading, I love classic literature and well written history books.
I am also a pretty good cook , and I enjoy singing!- especially in a group!

When and how did you start doing miniatures?
I wanted to make some characters to go in a big dollhouse that my husband put together as a surprise for my mom. After searching a while, I gave up trying to find what I was looking for and decided to just figure out how to do what I wanted on my own initiative.

After a long time of learning and trial and error, I am now creating and selling my art miniatures all over the world. One of my highlights has been when Susan Boyle, the Scottish singing sensation, was given a character I made of her on a national television interview.

What is your latest / next mini-project? I have a huge ongoing project book of which I have an endless supply of new ideas for characters. I don't know if I would ever be able to do all of them, but I will sure try! I also plan on making shadow boxes in the near future with art characters acting out scenes in them for hanging on the wall.

How did you find Mini Treasures wiki and what is your favorite page in the wiki? I ran across Mini Treasures by accident on Flickr while I was browsing, I enjoyed looking through it very much!

What would you like to see in the wiki in the future? I would enjoy just about anything related to miniature art work or classic literature theme. It's probably one of my top interests!

Thanks for the interview Debbie, it was nice to learn to know you :). You were being too modest and forgot to mention your Etsy shop, I like your dolls and I am sure Susan loved hers too :). Check the pages with art & books tag (the links above and if you can´t find what you are looking, add a comment to wanted_pages so we will create a new page (you can create them yourself too). Welcome to our group!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Improved wiki editor

Just found out that the PBworks editor was improved, the content copied from Word works better now and there is option "save and ontinue". Read more

PS. To give the credit to those it belongs I am concepting "MTW Award" - the people bringing most traffic to our wiki will be featured on wiki's birthday. Are you one of them? :)