Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mini treasures at Pinterest

Many of you have already heard about Pinterest. It is a new social media service where bookmarks to cool sites are marked with photos (or videos) which makes it a huge pinboard. Mini treasures has a board there too and it is BIG. :)

In fact we have already two boards. The first one is for miniatures and the second one is for prints. I wonder if we need more boards. What do you think?

We have a good group contributing to our board already but if you want to join us, just tell me and I will add you there too :).

Happy pinning!

And some goodies from our board to make the-non-pinners interested :).

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  1. I haven't quite grasped the idea of Pinterest although I occasionally take a look at the craft section or whatever it is called. Everyone can see the items, only invitees can pin. Eh? Is the idea to share things like anywhere on social media? What does repinning mean?


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