Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to fill our advent calendar pages

I have been busy with my several projects and have not been hanging around on Mini treasures wiki for awhile.  Now I saw that only 8 calendar pages have been reserved so far. Haven´t you got any Christmas projects to share with us? If you don't I do :).

Just a warning: in the end of this month I am going to reserve all the remaining pages and fill them with stuff I find, e.g. from our Flickr pool or some nice YouTube videos about (e.g.
about miniature villagesand so on. So think creatively: you can use also stuff created by other people. Do you have a favorite miniaturist artisan you would like to interview or whose minis you would like to showcase for us? Or maybe you have a favorite Christmas poem (or story) you could write and use other people's mini pictures in it?

So if you now got a new idea, go and reserve your page before I take them all ;).

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  1. Just made a link to my blog about this... Hope it helps a little (^ ^)


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