Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Time to reserve your page on our advent calendar

We are starting to reserve the pages of our traditional advent calendar. 

It is a fun way to promote your miniature projects - for free.

Last year some of the people also organized a lottery. One of the people who had left a comment on their page won the mini on that page. Hopefully this tradition continues this year too :). 

If you need help with reserving, we have a Yahoo group for giving support to each others.

Basically you need to 
  1. log in to Pbworks (for that you need a PBworks account)
  2. choose one of the days from  http://minitreasures.pbworks.com/w/page/62245469/advent_calendar_2013
  3. open the page with that date 
  4. press edit
  5. write your name on that page
  6. wait until Linda or I hide the page from others (change the security of the page)
  7. fill your page
  8. wait that Linda or I open the page for others again just before your own date
  9. enjoy the comments and link traffic you are getting :)


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