Saturday, March 27, 2010

Analytics from the past month (Feb-Mar)

Someone may have wondered what on earth I did today - spamming the ones who order feeds by editing dozens of pages. I was adding Google Analytics codes - they need to be in every page and I have not find a way to include it in the side layout. The reason I want to get stats out of the wiki is of course the better I know the way you use it the better I can customize it for you.

So let´s check the statistics together again...

The growth from the previous month is 15.8% - not bad at all :). On average day we get 80 visitors who check 3 pages at the time. During the month we got 1617 unique visitors.

The top 5 pages by visitors are
1. main page
2. printables
3. projects
4. trash minis
5. diy

also character dolls, shops, museums, roomboxes and food are among the top ten landing pages.

The top 10 countries were
1. United States
2. Finland
3. United Kingdom
4. Germany
5. Netherlands
6. Canada
7. Spain
8. Australia
9. Greece
10. Italy

- what a surprise to see Greece there! This means that I need to create a page for them :).

The top 10 referring sites were
1. Google
4. bing
8. twitterfeed and 9.
10. yahoo

Nanna was among the ten top sites last time too, I think I need to ask an interview from her soonish. :)

When we remove the searches from the list also the following sites bring a lot of traffic: this blog,,, and . Thank you so much for linking to the wiki :).

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