Friday, May 22, 2009

Mini treasures in YouTube and Facebook

Mini treasures has had a Flickr group for some weeks and now there's an account in YouTube as well. If you create dollhouse/miniature videos or if you are following them in YouTube, send me an invitation. :)

Or if you have an account in Facebook, join the Mini treasures group there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Collecting miniatures

Collecting is addicting and many of us collect miniatures as well. Collectables is a new page in wiki for collecting collectables :). I'm collecting Re-ments and I have some Reutters as well but what kind of miniatures are you collecting? Tell! Or even better - show and tell :).

Mini treasures slide show

Oh, I'm so excited! I just added this slide show to the main page of the wiki, isn't it cool?

If you want to see your pictures there, just add your pictures to Mini treasures group in Flickr.

PS. It seems that the slide show works better in the wiki than in my blog.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Do it yourself miniatures

Some of us are collecting miniatures while others like to do everything by themselves. And the majority of us do both. So it was about the time to start a page for instructions: DIY . What is your favorite technique? Do you modify your miniatures, create them out of trash, do you sew, crochet or saw? Tell me!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pictures in Mini treasures wiki

Have you noticed that there are more and more pictures in the wiki? There is already 12 members in the Flickr group Mini treasures but you can do a favor and invite more members :). From the group pool it is very easy to pick the appropriate sized pictures for the page so I keep adding pictures in the future as well (and of course you can do the same). If you want to see the details of some picture move your mouse over the picture so see who has took it and if you click the picture you will end up to Flickr where you can get a closer look at the picture as well as leave comments. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wiki members

Mini treasures wiki - connecting dollhouse people

So how can a wiki connect people?
Well a wiki can't itself but it needs people using the wiki.
Just introduce yourself here. :)

Tags in wiki

The social media pages are often organized by tags, you can see tags in e.g. Blogger blogs or Flickr photos. The same feature is also available in PBworks and I just added the first tags there - for scales. By clicking scales you can see all pages with scales tag.

Take advantage of this feature and add the tags you like so that it will be easier for you to navigate in the page.

Mini treasures and Norton

I heard that Norton was complaining about the Mini treasures wiki, here is the warning:
Threats found: 1
The complete list:
Name of the treat: W97M.Thus.A
Of course I got scared when I heard this but
  • there are no *.docs in my wiki
  • the location is referring to another wiki (called litchickmccain). There are no links to that wiki from my wiki and the only common thing we have is the platform (PBworks).
So I am saying that it is very safe to use my wiki. But tell me if you got more warnings about it.

Flickr group for Mini treasures

I established a group for Mini treasures in Flickr. If you have an account there, join the group and add pictures of your mini treasures to the the common album. Some of the pictures in the group will be used for decorating the wiki pages.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adding Flickr Photos to PBworks

I created my very first SlideShare presentation about how to add Flickr photos to PBworks. By doing this the valuable space in wiki can be saved :). So check out this:
Adding Flickr Photos to PBworks
View more presentations from jjanhone.

The presentation is also in the FAQ (wiki) page while the Halloween picture I added from Flickr is in Halloween page.

Have you made any Halloween miniature projects? Tell about them. :)

Copyrights of photos and videos

I have been very careful with pictures - the one who has taken the photo owns the rights and nobody should use pictures from web without the approval of the originator. There's one exception: Creative Commons licensed pictures in Flickr. Do you know if there are same kind of licenses in other systems too?

Video copyrights were a mystery for me so far but I got advice from a forum guru and he told that it is safe you use embedded YouTube videos in forums so I started to add them to the wiki.

See e.g. Titania's palace or Queen Mary's dollhouse.

I like also the videos made by MiniMaker07, see e.g. the Victorian dollhouse in this page.

So if you find nice YouTube videos please add them to the wiki.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Museums, scales and wiki faq

I started my week by adding some new pages.

Museums - list of dollhouse museums all over the world (looks quite empty still but I know you can help in filling it)
Scales - a placeholder of the different scales used by dollhouse people. The sub pages are quite empty still, please contribute to your favorite scale page. :)
Wiki FAQ - do you have questions related to wiki usage? Add a question to this page.

PS. There are already 13 editors in the wiki, as many as followers in this blog. Are you the next one?