Thursday, December 22, 2011

A mystery house

Got pictures from a person who had found my wiki and thought I might know what this dollhouse is all about. I didn't so I am challenging you: what do you know about this (ps. you can answer also in Finnish - voit vastata myös suomeksi).

Measurements: width 46cm, depth 41cm and hight 48cm.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Mini treasures

Our Flickr group has been busy uploading pictures of Halloween minis. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Behind the bed / scenes

You know Linda, my co-moderator. She partipated a canopy bed project with a group of miniaturists and shared the results in the Littleroomers blog. She emailed the group and I was added as cc and I wanted to publish the email in this blog too. Go ahead Linda and tell your story!

This post was made to the Dollhouse Mini Projects digest after the group completed a project and the participants consented to have their beds featured.

Now, anyone who completes their bed and wishes to be included in the post, please send me a pic and the description and I will add them.
I also put a link on the Bed page of the wiki

I also wrote about the technique of lace and embossed paper on the furniture page with a link to the blog illustrating the technique.

Scroll down to the last tip, and click on the here link.

What is a a Minitreasures wiki, you ask? It is the same as the wiki-pedia whicb we all use, only for miniatures. I suppose we could call it a mini-pedia! Here is the link to wikipedia which talks about PB works, the wiki site used by MTW.

I don't know about you, but I have frantically saved all sorts of tips, sites, pictures throughout the years, but have great trouble locating the info. The wiki enables me to save links to specific subjects on pages, which can inter-connect, and to share that info with others.
Go to
Beds are furniture, right? If you enter furniture in the search box on the upper right, the drop down menu offers 2 selections. The folder contains a list of all pages related to furniture. The page (with the little pencil to indicate editing) offers a generic page for general tips and info that apply to furniture in general.

This format kinda fits my tiny little OCD mind. I can't get my mind wrapped around Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but I can understand a dictionary!
Hope this explains about the wiki a bit. Look on Youtube for some tutorials

Linda McD from NOTL, Ontario
aka minilinda2001

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Easy access to your favorite wiki pages

Dollhouse Miniature Fairy Tin of Chocolates
1083. That´s the amount of pages in our wiki at the moment. A lot! Once in a while you pump into a page you want to visit also later. There is a nice way to bookmark those pages - you just give stars to your favorite pages. How is it done?
See the instructions and participate a contest - maybe you will win these delicious mini chocolates? :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A contest ongoing

Contest alarm!!
We have the second contest ongoing in Mini treasures wiki this summer. This time Vesi Koleva was the one to sponsor us with this cool set of a rose and a bread board. Looks good does it? :) To participate our contest go to spreading the word page and leave a comment - tell what you have done to promote our wiki and you might get Vesi´s miniatures :).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

600 fans in Facebook!

We have just reached 600 fans in our Facebook page, amazing amount, thank you all :). I wanted to look who our fans are and now I´m sharing it with you too :).

4.3% of our fans are male
28% of our fans are 45-54 year old female
25% are female between 35-44 years
22% are over 55 years
15% are between 25-34 years

Our top 10 countries are
United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

MTW photo challenge

By now you have all seen this:


It´s been in use for more than two years now so no wonder I´d like it to renew somehow. That´s why I started a challenge. Here´s a picture for you to use (click it to see it bigger):

MTW picture without text

I want you to create something new out of it. I did some myself to insprire you:
mtw daisies MTW goes school MTW goes Christmas

But this style is the one like most:
MTW 1 year

You can enter the challenge e.g. by commenting here or at Flickr or Mini treausures wiki.

Hope to see many of you contributing :).

Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer of flowers is just about to start!


The beginning of this year we have been featuring different colours in Mini treasures. Now it is time to pick another theme: we are looking at flowers now. Are you selling mini flowers? Make sure your shop is listed. Or have you created flower prints, instructions, videos? Have collected flowers enough for a garden or a flower shop? Share your beautiful flowers with will you and dont forget to enjoy the real life flowers around you too :).

Friday, April 8, 2011

2nd anniversary coming

MTW 1 year Hi friends!

Amazing thing - I noticed we have 100 followers in this blog. Thank you so much for your interest :).

Next week will be a special one - Mini treasures wiki will be 2 years old on 14th April. Last year I organized a virtual party and had a lot of fun. I was planning something similar this year with contests and everything but have been too busy to organize it. For example last week I visited Denmark for a conference that was held in Lego hotel - what an inspiring place it was! Too bad the park itself was closed.

So I was about to tell you that there will be no party at all but felt too bad about that so here it is: a page for us to celebrate the occasion again.

And there will be one contest - I will let you know who of you has brought most traffic to our wiki during the last year. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New ideas needed for promo

Lately I have notice a lot of new activity in Mini treasures wiki which is just great :). But as the owner I am not content - I want to have even more :).

So now I am asking if you can come up with new ways of promoting - how can we get even more miniaturists to visit our site? At the moment we have about 200 daily visitors (and over 4000 monthly visitors) but I know we could get much more. So shoot me! What could we do? Is there someone of you who would like to interview me for a blog or a mag? Could you tell about the wiki in your club meetings or for your forums? Should we arrange a big contest? Pleeeeeeeeease - I need new ideas my friends :).

PS. If you host a mini site and follow your stats it would be nice to hear about your traffic.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 search phrases in Feb

Something from the stats again. :)

People google for the following words before they enter Mini treasures wiki:

1. dollhouse printables
2. mini printables
3. minitreasures wiki
4. miniature printables
5. dollhouse miniature printables
6. miniature printies
7. dollhouse blogs
8. dollhouse miniatures japanese room
9. puppenhaus lundby
10. ddung

No wonder printables page is the most popular page in our wiki :). See also the other popular pages.

What is your favorite printable site at the moment and is it found from the wiki already?

But the 10th phrase was a real surprise for me. ddung! Are the some people making miniature projects inspired by her?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The wiki is upgraded again

Usch - I just paid for the second upgrade, we have now got yet another year for premium version of PBworks. I think last year the payment was something like 100 dollars - now it is nearly 500$. It feels kind of lot for a hobby project but I guess I need to continue with the premium version so that we are not loosing anything (members nor data) and to keep spammers away from it.

In case you would like to help me with the payment you can easily do it by
- making Amazon purchases using the links from our wiki
- donating via PayPal (just let me know your email address, mine is the same old)
- buying fan products from our Cafe Press shop.

And if you do not have any money or will to use for monetizing Mini treasures wiki at the moment don't worry, I am sure someone (like me) is taking care it for you. :)

But if you do want to spoil yourself see if there are any nice books here you'd need to get:

Take care wiki friends!

Saturday, February 5, 2011 contest ongoing

I woke up late on this but still... There is a contest nomination ongoing on about miniature blogs, books and kits. If you like Mini treasures you could help me in promoting the service by voting this blog. Not much time anymore though - it will be interesting to see who will win this :).

Monday, January 31, 2011

MTW goes pink

As some of you have noticed we started this year in Mini treasures wiki with colour theme. The first colour was blue, then we did orange and now it is time to go pink. That's because Valentine's day of course. What colour would you like to see next on our main page?