Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our wiki is premium now

It was a tough decision but I was pushed to do it: I bought a premium version for one year for Mini treasures wiki. This was the first time I paid for an Internet service and I was not that happy to do it. I am giving a lot of my free time for improving the wiki and I thought it should be enough. But it was not, now also my money is envolved...

But with the earlier free version of PBworks I could not do as much as I wanted.

E.g. any spammer could come and add links to our main page or sidebar. :( Linda, my right hand, told me that she could not do proper searches any more. And when I posted links to Facebook it refused to show the pictures like it used to do. :(

But now those problems are solved :).

With premium version I was also able to add a logo which is now shown in every page. :) If you click it you will be landing to the main page. And the most visible change for you: I was able to customize the colors. :)

Tell me if you have any problems with the new wiki!

And now something with small print:
If there are wiki lovers out there who want to help me in raising the money there are several options. You can buy stuff from our Cafe Press shop or buy books or other stuff from Amazon using the links in the wiki (e.g. from the books page). And as I am a miniaturists I wouldn´t mind if you decide to send something small for me, e.g. one of those mini treasures that are shown in our pool... In that case ask me to send my address as I don´t want to share that in public. A sponsorship deal is worth negotiating too.

But don´t get me wrong now: I am not pushing you to pay me (like PBworks kind of did to me): the wiki remains free of charge for readers and you can add links to your favorite sites and shops as you wish. Have fun there - I certainly do. :)f

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