Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wiki metrics

Some time ago I shared metrics from Google Analytics with you and as I found it really interesting I do it again. :)

TOP-10 countries (wiki visitors)
1. United States
2. Finland
3. Canada
4. Spain
5. United Kingdom
6. Netherlands
7. Germany
8. Australia
9. Denmark
10. Philippines

Are these the countries with most miniaturists also?

On average people stay 5 minutes in the wiki and visit 3.13 pages.

I started measuring the wiki in November and now there are 50 people who have visited the wiki 100-200 times during these months. Quite a lot :).

The most popular search phrase was ´how to make dollhouse from foam core´ so I made a new page for that.

The most popular wiki pages during the last 30 days were:

1. printables
2. main page
3. trash_minis - I am very glad about this since I am one of those miniaturists who love to turn trashes to treasures :)
4. diy - do it yourself is number 4 while shops are lower...
5. projects - my favorite page as I always want to do theme projects
6. hearts - well, we just had Valentine´s day :)
7. roomboxes - interesting, roomboxes are more popular than dollhouses...
8. shops
9. advent_calendar_2009 - people were still looking at our advent calendar and I am not surprised - it was very nice indeed, thanks again for everyone who participated :)
10. facebook - a new page I created to collect all those nice fan pages and groups there in Facebook for us miniaturists and doll lovers.

Top-10 sites bringing traffic to the wiki:
1. google
2.(direct) - via bookmarks
3. - via our group I guess
4. - this is my dollhouse wiki in Finnish
5. - via our Facebook page I guess
6. bing
7. - via Nanna´s blog
8. yahoo
9. - via Canadian Yahoo mails
10. - via Hanna´s blog

Nanna and Hanna both belong to a dollhouse discussion group called Nukkekotielämää which I started with my friends 7 years ago and now we are like one happy family with about 40 miniaturist (we are limiting the amount of members so that we can know each other). I am very happy to have them in this list :).

The more I study the results the better I can customize the wiki for you. I just wish I had more time for this...

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