Friday, March 30, 2012

1st Mini Treasures Hunt is over

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. This happened in our recent contest, Mini treasures hunt. The winners were Marottesud and Tina. The loser was me. 

I planned a new consept with Linda. It was a supposed to be a learning experience - a fun contest. I wanted to run it during the spring and with 10 participants. I promoted it in different channels but got only 2 members to enroll. I waited several weeks snd then decided that ok, lets do it with 2 partipants then. 

so now the hunt is over. We managed to improve a page about Troll dolls: . So actually there is a third winner: everyone who are is interested about Trolls got a better wiki page to stydy :).

But now I am curious: what could we have done differently to get more participants? Were you tempted to enroll? Why didnt you?

I want to learn from you as there will be more contests in future, one already in April.

ps. this blog post was written with my mobile phone (that is why there's  no photos or tags).