Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mini treasures on Facebook

If you like Mini treasures on Facebook you might have noticed that most of the updates from Mini treasures are not shown to you at all. This is because Facebook has changed its Edge Rank algorithm to get more money from the Page owners who need pay for the updates to get them shown to more people.

E.g. an update made four hours ago was shown only to 46 of 829 fans and an earlier update to 77 fans. Not much or not enough if you ask me...

On average an update is shown to only 7 % of you.

The result for seeing more updates from pages you actually LIKE is to start using interest lists.  I created a list for Mini treasures updates, feel free to subscribe it or create a list of your own with all of your mini related pages on it :).

The place where you create the Interest list is in the beginning of the page next to Like:

We also have a group in Facebook, you are welcome to join it too. :)