Sunday, May 23, 2010

MTW goes to USA

American Pastries - Miniature Food for Dollhouse Everything is big in US they say but what is small there? On Monday 24 May we are starting a theme week in Mini treasures wiki to find everything out from American miniature projects. See the pages with American tag and join the fun - add your favorite tips and links and see what others have found. Who did find America? We will!


  1. Ti ho conosciuta per caso, ma le tue creazioni mi ha ipnotizzato…
    sei bravissima chissà quanto tempo ci metti per realizzare queste meraviglie hai da svelarmi qualche segreto ;-) ciaooo rosa

  2. I translated your comment in Google:

    I met you by chance but your creations me hypnotized ...
    six talented who knows how long it takes to achieve these wonders have to reveal some secret ciaooo Rosa ;-).

    Le creazioni in questo blog non sono fatti da me, ma grazie comunque:).

    The creations in this blog are not done by me but thanks anyway :).

  3. Cool! Thanks for picking our pic!
    We are very behind, but will add some stuff for you very soon!


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