Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mini treasures @ Facebook

Improving a website is about learning from your mistakes. The more mistakes you correct the better the site will be.

5 days ago I made one of the right decisions - I chose two new moderators to our Facebook page to make it more active. Debbie Wright is one of the most active Facebookers I know and as she has been actively pushing miniaturists to network with me I thought she would do wonderful job at Facebook too. My other co-moderator is Linda, the most active person in Mini treasures wiki (we are SO FORTUNATE that she found us). I am very pleased to have these ladies on board helping me :). And just look what they did for the amount of Facebook fans (officially people who "like" MTW) - look at the peak! Amazing!

Speaking of Facebook I am not very active in networking with people there. I am accepting there only people I have met in real life or who I have learnt to know in Internet. Lately I have got a lot of friend invites and it makes me sad not to accept them but I try to keep up with my policy. The amounts of contacts in other services (Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter) are much bigger, network with me in them if you want.

But now I would be interested to hear your personal Facebook policy :).

Ps. BTW we have a short url for our page: http://www.facebook.com/minitreasures


  1. Unfortunately, I too had to decline a lot of "friends" on facebook and the reason for this is that my own family and personal friends were lost in the many many posts from all these people whom I do not know. So I also try to keep my facebook friends to only those I know in real life or in my blogging/miniature life. I don't accept friends of friends.

  2. thanks Doreen! It feels bad to ignore these people but they understand...


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