Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greetings from Dorothy from South Africa

Do you remember when you first visited Mini treasures wiki? I got a message from Dorothy who fell on love with our wiki and as I was very pleased about her reaction I asked if I can publish it jere. She said YES  - and asked if she could help spreading the word. Please go ahead and tell all your mini friends about our site :).

Dorothy wrote:
I stumbled across your website yesterday - totally by accident - and it's absolutely brilliant! I've been able to delete at least 150 other sites that I had bookmarked because everything I need - links, blogs, how to, etc, is all here in one place. It's so fast and easy to navigate, and everything is so well organised! It must have taken you months and months to set it all up and I truly appreciate your hard work. Definitely the number 1 one stop, all in one, go to miniatures resources site and I love, love, love it! I live in South Africa where we don't have any miniatures shops (not one in the whole country!) so we have either have to make our own stuff or import. Your site now makes it so simple to source ideas or actual products. Thank you so much!