Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our 4th birthday is coming soon with a contest

On 14th April Mini treasures wiki will be 4 years old. We have a habit of celebrating that by thanking the miniature bloggers who brought us most traffic.

See the 25 bloggers or site owners who got the MTW Award last year and think if you could join them by spreading the word about Mini treasures wiki in your blog or site. :)

But before our birthday have a happy mini Easter!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mini treasures wiki's year 2012

White swan
White swan by Nina-chan
I told you earlier that I have been busy. I still am. But next week I am going to start a new course targeted for community managers. And as Mini treasures is my biggest community I am going to do some stuff for us during the course - two tasks at the same time :). On the first time we are introducing ourselves and our communities and for that I updated the presentation I have been doing earlier showing the highlights of last year from the social media point of view.

When I started the Mini treasures wiki in 2009 I used A LOT of my time for building the site and starting the social media channels for it. It acted as my portfolio then showing what I can do. It still does that but now I have also other communities and my own business to take care of.

But looking at the figures shows me that the site can survive and grow even if I am not spending that much time on improving it. We have Linda and and we have plenty of fans and users who like us, thank you :).

Flickr used to be my main arena where I did the community management stuff for Mini treasures as the pictures are critical for miniature hobby but last year I got hooked up with Pinterest and used more time for that. I still believe in the possibilities Pinterest can offer for us but every now and then I try to find time to spend in Flickr too.

Now look at what we accomplished last year and have fun with us this year too. Any help with Mini treasures world is appreciated as always. :)