Saturday, November 21, 2009

9 nights before the advent calendar starts!

This is getting exciting - only 9 nights before we can start opening our Christmas calendar filled with Christmas themed projects and dollhouse miniatures. This is something sensational as we have people contributing from very many places: from Asia, Northern Europe and Northern America. Can we still get someone in from Central or South Europe or from Australia or Africa (I have noticed there are wiki users there also)? There is still room for 10 people - so be quick and reserve your window now from here and start countind the nights with me :).


  1. hi, johanna

    i just made the post and your pictures look wonderful :) i hope you like what i wrote? if not please send me a mail.


  2. of course i did, thank you so much :). i follow the blog comments from my mobile but i cant leave any comments from it myself so that´s why there is a delay in my answers.


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