Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end of this year stats

I thought it is time to check some stats again as the year is almost over. :)

During this year we got nearly 30 000 unique visitors to our wiki. Wow, that is something! :) How ever a lot of them left the site almost immediately so I guess they came via search engines looking for something else. I hate the way e.g. "dollhouse" is being used - it is a name of a band and a tv-serie and a book and what else... Why can't they leave the word for us? :P

Still the average visitor spent 4 minutes on our site. :)

Where do the visitors live?

1. United States 18 806
2. Finland 4 724
3. Canada 4 057
4. United Kingdom 2 925
5. Germany 2 440
6. Netherlands 2 219
7. Spain 1 624
8. Australia 1 266
9. Italy 772
10. France 734

Are you surprised about the figures or missing countries? Do help us in promoting the wiki! If you like it tell about it to your mini colleagues - e.g. write to your own dollhouse blog, forum or mag. I can help you by providing information for you :). Or take any button from this page to be added to your own page. :) Finland is number 2 because I come from Finland and me and my friends promote it a lot locally. Canada is number 3 mainly thanks to Linda who is promoting it there. I am not sure who are the promoters in US and UK or the rest of the countries, if it is you, tell me :). For Netherlands it must be Jasmina...

Where do they come?
Of course I guess some promoters by the traffic sources. :) The yearly top-10 list is:

1. google / organic
2. (direct) / (none)
3. / referral
4. bing / organic
5. yahoo / organic
6. / referral
7. / referral
8. / referral
9. / referral
10. / referral

And what they look then? The top-10 pages were:

1. /printables
2. / main page
3. advent_calendar_2010
4. /trash_minis
5. /projects
6. /diy
7. /character_dolls
8. /roomboxes
9. /museums
10. /shops

It will be interesting to see how the stats look like next year. :)

Now it is time to thank you once again you, Mini Treasures friends and fans. I am hoping you have a wonderful year with lots of mini treasures :).

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

I wish all my mini friends a very merry Christmas (or what ever seasonal holiday you are celabrating)!

If you have a mini related seasonal greeting, you are welcome to share it with other Mini treasures people in Facebook or Flickr.

And remember to check all the windows from our advent calendar (no peeking allowed;).

I have also a Christmas gift for you: The Mini Treasures Daily newspaper :)

The Mini Treasures Daily

A dream has come true again - I wanted to become a journalist and now I am editor in chief in a new eMagazine called The Mini Treasures Daily. :)

How do I have time for yet a new project?
I don't! :)

My social media friends started to use already some time ago and I have often been referred in their mags. Before I started using myself (that is two days ago) I was always amazing about their papers - how do they have time for that?

My mag is generated every day automatically based on a list I maintain in Twitter - it contains people who are tweeting about dolls, dollhouses and miniatures. The services somehow analyzes the tweet they are doing and creates a mag out of them. It always gives the source for the news so people in the mag may get new Twitter followers.

I am now waiting the third mag to be published, the earlier ones can be found from the archive: first and second.

I think this service is new for many of you and it may raise confusion about the rights. Tweets are public and they can be used where ever: you can talk about tweets in your blog, in Facebook, in forums etc. The important thing is the sources - do not take credit from something you have not created yourself.

I hope you enjoy the new mag :). And if you know good tweeps to be added to the list, tell me!


If you want out of my mag tell me and I'll remove you from the list. Other option is to block me - as I guess I can't list people who have blocked me.

I was asked if I make money with the mag. No I don't but of course somebody is - is selling stupid ads to mags. I guess if I started paying for the service I could get rid of them. Money makes the world go round and every service provider (Facebook, Twitter, Google) looks for opportunities to make more money from the content we are spreading all over the web or by selling our data to advertisers.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top-10 searches & printies

Maybe you are also interested about the most used search phrases? They were

1. mini printables
2. picture ice cream chairs made from champagn cork
3. diy miniature
4. roomboxes
5. dollhouse printables
6. miniature fairies
7. dollhouse miniature printables
8. miniature food tutorial
9. miniature printables
10. miniature printies

so a lot of people are looking for printies. Makes sense to me. Have you noticed that when you search for printies you often go to pages which start to warn you about some kind of danger? So if we all put our links to MTW it would be safe for us to search our printies through it. And we have a printie group too at Flickr where we can collect nice printies. :) Have you any nice Christmas printies you could add there now?

Top-10 pages @ MTW

Haven't had time to check the stats for a while but now I am sharing you a list of the 10 most popular pages. Are these also your favorites?

1. printables
2. trash_minis
3. character_dolls
4. advent_calendar_2010 - I guess this will be the most popular page in December :)
5. christmas
6. diy
7. projects
8. advent_calendar_2009 :)
9. museums
10. roomboxes