Monday, March 22, 2010

Dollhouse books

The dollhouse books (and other related books) are now listed in one page :). They used to be on one page in the beginning but then they grew too big and I needed to divide them to separate pages and were not too happy about it. Now that we have the premium version in use we have more room and we can have one long page again (I hope).

So if your favorite dollhouse miniature, doll or diorama book is missing from the list, go and add it. And if you´d like to describe your books (recommend or warn) do so, let´s build together the best dollhouse book database. :)

Good night my friends!


  1. Thanks for the update! :) I think I saw somewhere that there is also a possibility to allow sorting in tables. Do you know if that actually works for the end user?

    I happen to have a list of approximately 350 dollhouse books in different languages but it requires some work before I can start adding those books in this list. Besides, I have some ideas about the format and the content which I would like to discuss before I make any changes. :D

  2. my my risa - sounds almost too good to be true :). need to check that sorting thing and by all means i am open to all ideas of how to show the data. the way it is shown now comes from the beg of 2000's so it may be out-of-day :). maybe you can work the other way around - take the books from the wiki list to your list, it might be easier as your list is longer. but do not copy paste alist from word document to wiki - it causes nothing but problems, i am copying via notepad but there may be better ways than that.

  3. and i am eagerly waiting for your list :).

  4. ...and as you can see, it is going to take a while to actually update that list. :D

    But I am still on it. (Just wanted to give an update here.)

  5. good to know risa - i really need help with that page :)


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