Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photos in Facebook

Not all of you have an account in Flickr so I decided to take the biggest photo service in use. And that is Facebook. I added an album for Mini treasures but I am not sure if anyone can add photos or just moderators. Somebody please test and inform me. If you can add photos there, add also Easter photos.

PS. I have not been active in other photo sites lately. Are there groups or pools like in Flickr in them? We can have Mini treasures wiki pictures in other services too if they support groups and tags and embedding. Let me know will you :).


  1. Hi Johanna
    I think adding to Facebook is an excellent idea as a way to help cross promote "Mini Treasure" as well as we individuals in the community. What you can do (at least speaking for myself) would be to start the ball rolling by posting a single pic from each MT member on the FB page with a link to either their blog or Flickr or wherever it came from. Im sure most if not all would be very happy with a Facebook presence grouped on a single page. For those that have their own individual FB page anyway, they could link there as well, like the hub of a wheel

  2. thanks ron for commenting :). anyone can already post links and fan photos to the facebook page so maybe you could add the first photos (there are links already) :).


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