Sunday, March 28, 2010

Templates for countries and nationalities

After the last blog post I created 2 new templates, one for countries and one for nationalities. This will help us in filling the pages as now all of them look very different to each other. So from now on on country pages we will put this kind of information:

Country x is situated in ... The dollhouse hobby there is started about ... There are associations there... The number of miniaturists is about ... There are yearly shows and fairs in ... ... The most known dollhouse projects there are... The most famous trademark related to dollhouses/dolls/miniaturists are... ... ...

You can add here the coming events (the old ones are removed from the list)

You can add here the most know associations and their contact details

Short history of the dollhouse hobby. What are the most popular scales, when did it start and what are the most known dollhouse projects in this country.

FAQ by the people living in this country
As a newbie miniaturists, what should I know?
Where to find the materials I need?

FAQ by the foreigners
Where can I find miniatures in an average town in this country?
What are the craft shops called or are there other places to try out?
What should I buy as a souvenirs?
When a friend of mine is going to this country, what should I ask her to bring me?

And for nationalities the information is like this:

This country is known for ... ... ... ... The most known foods are ... ... ... The most important seasonal parties are .... ...

Links to miniature projects

Instructions for miniatures

Miniature printables


Groups concentrating to this country´s projects, the forums from this country are found from forums_language

Blogs concentrating to this country´s projects, the blogs from this country are found in blogs_nationality

Miniatures on sale

Books that tell about the projects of this country

I hope this makes sense to you. Now start filling the information to countries you are familiar with and if some of your favorite countries is missing from the list, create it or ask me to do it by commenting this blog post or by adding a request to this page.

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