Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top-10 searches & printies

Maybe you are also interested about the most used search phrases? They were

1. mini printables
2. picture ice cream chairs made from champagn cork
3. diy miniature
4. roomboxes
5. dollhouse printables
6. miniature fairies
7. dollhouse miniature printables
8. miniature food tutorial
9. miniature printables
10. miniature printies

so a lot of people are looking for printies. Makes sense to me. Have you noticed that when you search for printies you often go to pages which start to warn you about some kind of danger? So if we all put our links to MTW it would be safe for us to search our printies through it. And we have a printie group too at Flickr where we can collect nice printies. :) Have you any nice Christmas printies you could add there now?


  1. or just take a look at there are so many url for printables...
    First row, scroll down...

    Best for 2012!



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