Story of Mini treasures wiki

Mini treasures wiki - connecting mini makers and collectors worldwide

I am Johanna Janhonen from Finland and on the left you can see my virtual picture. I have been doing miniatures since 2000. I did not know any other miniaturists so I went to Internet to find them. I joined Yahoo! discussion forums and the rest is history.
I started photo albums, a web page, blogs and a wiki in Finnish.

In April 2009 I started my second wiki, this time in English. The name Mini treasures wiki comes from a blog of mine called Hidden treasure 2.0.  In that blog I share some thoughts about web 2.0 (aka social media), which is not only my passion, but work too: I am a consultant guiding companies in using social media tools in business and the dollhouse world is my sandbox where I test those tools.

This wiki is meant for all miniaturists and doll and toy lovers in the world. Usually dollhouse miniaturists work in 1:12 scale but here we have a variety of scales from micro minis to fashion dolls.

The aim of the wiki is to connect dollhouse people in a new way. Let's say there are 10 miniaturists in the world at the moment working on miniature project inspired by the Avatar movie.
  • Some of them are blogging (one in Spanish, one in Finnish and one in Danish)
  • Some of them (a Japanese and a Dutch) are active in Flickr or Youtube
  • Some only read messages from forums.
It is hard to imagine how they will learn about themselves. A Google search doesn't help much, since they are not sharing news in English, and with Avatar search you get a lot of hits.

So I am offering a solution with my wiki. 

Let us say these 10 persons are all familiar with our wiki.
  • One of them starts a new page for Avatar and adds links to her Flickr album.
  • The others notice a new wiki  page and start contributing, they add links to their blogs and Youtube videos  and they can also use the comments section of that page to communicate: for questions and tip sharing. A lot of  inspiration in miniatures comes through pictures, not through words so for them it doesn´t matter if they understand each others languages, it´s the pictures that matters.
  • And then comes a doll maker into picture. She has just created Avatar dolls and she adds a link to them and now the movie fans know where to buy one.
At the moment there is not a page for Avatar, but there´s about 650  other pages. Maybe you collect miniature frogs, or are passionate for cushions.  Maybe you do Harry Potter scenes or build a cafeteria. The wiki offers you colleagues, tips and ads for theme related miniatures on sale.

And the usage of the site is free of charge, also for sellers.

Read more about using the wiki from the wiki FAQ and start having fun :).