Friday, January 15, 2010


I noticed there were 2 persons adding stuff to Mini treasures wiki that had nothing to do with minis. If you notice the same help us to keep out wiki nice and clean by
-removing the content
-informing me about it (by emailing or commenting in wiki, blog, Flickr, Facebook or Twitter).

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 10 sites bringing traffic to the wiki

I am a statistician so I love studying the numbers, stats and graphs - and I want to share my studies with you :). This time I looked the top 10 web pages that are bringing traffic to the wiki.

1. direct traffic, i.e. people who have bookmarked the site
2. - this is something amazing, Jasmina beat Google! Hurray! She is writing an online web magazine with cool links she has seen recently - see it translated to English
3. Google
4. - this is the big sister of Mini treasures wiki, the first wiki I established (in Finnish) - you can study it in English too
5. - another Dutch site full of cool mini links, see it translated to English
6. - a Belgium based miniature discussion forum in French, see it translated in English
7. - this blog :). Thank you readers! :)
8. - a Dutch miniature advent calendar with links to other calendars, see it translated to English
9. - one of my favorite miniature blogs in Finnish, see the translation in English
10. - I guess the Facebook traffic is coming mainly from the new wiki fan page but there might be people linking to the wiki from their own profiles as well.

So what do you think, was this interesting information and did you find any cool new sites? It is quite funny that all the top ten sources were in other languages than English (except Google and Facebook of course). I think I will share the same stats with you again as this was so interesting :).