Sunday, September 6, 2009

Interviewing the creator of the wiki page number 333: Linda McD

Mini treasures wiki is growing fast, this week the page 333 was added by Linda who has been very active with the wiki.

Hi Linda! How does it feel to be the creator of wiki page 333? I am very excited about contributing to the wiki because I have saved all sorts of websites, etc for future use, and have never really found the perfect venue. I like that the information is shared and organized. I appreciate how patient you are, and how that makes posting much less intimidating!

Tell a little about yourself: who you are, where do you come from and what do you do? I am married, no kids, retired. Moved from the suburbs of Toronto to a beautiful small town.

Do you have any other hobbies than miniatures?
General Crafts - I am a real Trash to Treasure person. At garage sales I am always looking for something I can turn into something else.
Painting ceramics - plaster houses, repainting figurines
Computer - making up quizzes for holidays, blogging, belong to WAY too many mini digests!

When and how did you start doing miniatures? About 8 years ago. When I moved here the Newcomers Club started an interest group for miniatures. It never did really get off the ground, but I bought a dollhouse kit, joined an internet group and took off.
What is the best thing in miniature hobby and what is inspiring you? Every single miniaturist is different. Some are artisans and others just wanna have fun! I am definitely not an artisan! Love that I am learning something new every day. I copy a lot from others, I think we all do to some extent, but then make it our own. From the first, I was determined to make DIY projects, using found items. I go garage sailing every Saturday during the summer, and collect all sorts.

I really like making dolls, ( I'm no good at it, but I like to create characters doing things) Got a little side-tracked as I am trying to finish other projects.

What is your latest/next mini project? I am thinking about a Remembrance Day scene. That will take a lot of thinking and planning, but I have a kernel of an idea in mind, WW1 era, Canadian history.

How did you find Mini treasures wiki and what is your favorite page in the wiki? I think you posted the link on one of the digests I follow, Johanna.

What would you like to see in the wiki in the future? I haven't belonged long enough to say.

Thanks for the interview and hope you have fun time in our wiki!
PS. See more pictures of Linda´s projects.

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