Sunday, September 27, 2009

Promoted the wiki in forums

I have not been active in forums lately but today I wrote to four dollhouse forums (2 in Finnish, 2 in English) to promote the wiki. If some of you want to forward my email to your own forums, here it is:


In April I set up a wiki in English. It is called Mini treasures wiki and it is meant for everybody who loves miniatures or dolls. The dollhouse hobby starts to be so popular that we have a need to find the miniaturists who do similar stuff than us and for finding those people we can use the wiki.

Maybe an example helps you to get the point. Let´s say that there are 10 miniaturists in the world who are working on Patrick Swayze theme box. Some of them are blogging (one in Spanish and one in Finnish), some of them are active in Flickr or Youtube while some only read messages from forums. It is hard to imagine how they will learn about themselves, a Google search is not helping that much.

But what if they were all familiar with our wiki. One of them starts a new page for Patrick Swayze and adds links to her Flickr album. The others notice a new wiki page and start contributing, they add links to their blogs and YouTube videos and they can also use the comments section of that page to communicate. A lot of inspiration in miniatures comes through pictures, not through words so for them it doesn´t matter if they understand each others languages.

One of them finds a doll maker who is making Swayze dolls and shares that in the wiki - the others are now aware of the doll and might want to buy one too.

At the moment there is not a page for Patrick Swayze, but there´s soon 450 other pages.

Maybe you are collecting miniature frogs or are passionate with cushions, maybe you do Harry Potter scenes or build a sushi restaurant. The wiki offers you colleagues, tips and ads for theme related miniatures on sale. And the usage of the site is free of charge, also for the sellers.

I hope you have wonderful time surfing in the wiki :).

Mini treasures wiki founder

I am hoping we can get a lot of new readers & contibutors in the wiki. :)

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