Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Creating a mini book together

Have you ever dreamt of seeing your miniatures printed in a book?

Four years ago my dream came true: a book that we did with our dollhouse discussion group was published by one of the biggest publishers in Finland. The book was a success, they took a second edition of it and because of the book the amount of miniaturists grow remarkably in Finland. We created the book using Yahoo´s group & emails but with a wiki the same would be so much easier...

So I have a new dream now: creating a miniature book using Mini treasures wiki, a book that would be created by miniaturists in dozens of different countries. Wouldn´t it be exciting? I have some ideas for the theme of the book but I´d like to hear yours too: what would it be about? If we limited the amount of text and concentrated to the pictures maybe more people would be able to contribute. So tell me, tell me, would you be interested?

PS. I posted this accidentally to wrong blog (Hidden treasure 2.0) first.

1 comment:

  1. great idea Johanna!

    I don't know what I could do, but count me in :)


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