Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Icon hunting: Animals

In the earlier blog post today (ok, yesterday, it is past midnight :P) I told you I am hunting cool icons for our wiki to make it user friendly. I have found the first one and I think it is just perfect. :)
The Playmobil cat photo taken by Bumblesweet is simple, clear, colorful. Congrats Bumblesweet for this honor, from now on your cat is seen on every page of the wiki (my cat is there too, the Lego on in the top left corner - that will lead you to the main page).

In a picture this small we can't have too many details (I think but go ahead and challenge me). The icon will lead you the animals page where you can find miniature projects related to animals. I will remove those projects from the projects page as it has grown too long. Yesterday I was removing already country projects from that page as they can be find from countries page.

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