Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Visitor number 5000 on wiki's main page

I have been busy elsewhere so there's a delay in this interview. But some weeks ago a magical number was broken again, there have been more than 5000 visitors in our wiki's main page (not everyone are using that page when they visit the wiki.)

Hi Mervi - How Does It Feel to Be the visitor number 5000 in our wiki's main page? It feels really great to be 5,000 visitor. And greeting all the dollhouse enthusiast.

Tell a little about yourself: who you are, where do you come from and what do you do? I am Mervi Kejonen, 46 years old, married with two children. I live in Nurmes, eastern Finland. I'm not at work, I have the support for rehabilitation because of eye disease. I have not a home page for my dollhouse yet.

Do you have any hobbies other than miniatures? Miniatures in addition to a variety of tea, crafts, mm. sewing, duct work, weaving.

When and how did you start doing miniatures? I have been doing miniatures all my life, but actually I started about two years ago, when I bought houses from Piironki and Lundby.

What is your latest / next mini-project? The latest and the following projects are related to furnishing Piironki and Lundby houses.

How did you find Mini Treasures wiki and what is your favorite page in the wiki? Mini Treasures Wiki I found when I began to put the first doll house. I put the google search the word doll's house and then I found this wiki. Mini Treasures Wiki is a really good in overall, but perhaps the best are the blog pages, where you can be find other miniaturists and their miniature projects: objects and furniture, etc.

What would you like to see in the wiki in the future? Can not think of what I would like to see the Wiki in the future. But there is alread a lot in Mini Treasures Wiki what I follow.

Thanks for the interview! And when you get the homepages don't forget to add the link to the wiki :).

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