Friday, April 8, 2011

2nd anniversary coming

MTW 1 year Hi friends!

Amazing thing - I noticed we have 100 followers in this blog. Thank you so much for your interest :).

Next week will be a special one - Mini treasures wiki will be 2 years old on 14th April. Last year I organized a virtual party and had a lot of fun. I was planning something similar this year with contests and everything but have been too busy to organize it. For example last week I visited Denmark for a conference that was held in Lego hotel - what an inspiring place it was! Too bad the park itself was closed.

So I was about to tell you that there will be no party at all but felt too bad about that so here it is: a page for us to celebrate the occasion again.

And there will be one contest - I will let you know who of you has brought most traffic to our wiki during the last year. :)

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