Sunday, March 6, 2011

New ideas needed for promo

Lately I have notice a lot of new activity in Mini treasures wiki which is just great :). But as the owner I am not content - I want to have even more :).

So now I am asking if you can come up with new ways of promoting - how can we get even more miniaturists to visit our site? At the moment we have about 200 daily visitors (and over 4000 monthly visitors) but I know we could get much more. So shoot me! What could we do? Is there someone of you who would like to interview me for a blog or a mag? Could you tell about the wiki in your club meetings or for your forums? Should we arrange a big contest? Pleeeeeeeeease - I need new ideas my friends :).

PS. If you host a mini site and follow your stats it would be nice to hear about your traffic.

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  1. I have some new found miniature treasure to share. I hope I can figure out how to post on this website. If not...
    I have pictures of a hand made wooden miniature cathedral, built in the 1920s, it has over 100 windows and over 5 ft tall at tallest point. Its a very rare find one of a kind. I have albums on Greenleag members gallery under Debora59, If you love miniatures and always seraching for something fabulous and extraordinary in mininature its a must see, it really should be in a museum


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