Sunday, February 20, 2011

The wiki is upgraded again

Usch - I just paid for the second upgrade, we have now got yet another year for premium version of PBworks. I think last year the payment was something like 100 dollars - now it is nearly 500$. It feels kind of lot for a hobby project but I guess I need to continue with the premium version so that we are not loosing anything (members nor data) and to keep spammers away from it.

In case you would like to help me with the payment you can easily do it by
- making Amazon purchases using the links from our wiki
- donating via PayPal (just let me know your email address, mine is the same old)
- buying fan products from our Cafe Press shop.

And if you do not have any money or will to use for monetizing Mini treasures wiki at the moment don't worry, I am sure someone (like me) is taking care it for you. :)

But if you do want to spoil yourself see if there are any nice books here you'd need to get:

Take care wiki friends!

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