Sunday, October 30, 2011

Behind the bed / scenes

You know Linda, my co-moderator. She partipated a canopy bed project with a group of miniaturists and shared the results in the Littleroomers blog. She emailed the group and I was added as cc and I wanted to publish the email in this blog too. Go ahead Linda and tell your story!

This post was made to the Dollhouse Mini Projects digest after the group completed a project and the participants consented to have their beds featured.

Now, anyone who completes their bed and wishes to be included in the post, please send me a pic and the description and I will add them.
I also put a link on the Bed page of the wiki

I also wrote about the technique of lace and embossed paper on the furniture page with a link to the blog illustrating the technique.

Scroll down to the last tip, and click on the here link.

What is a a Minitreasures wiki, you ask? It is the same as the wiki-pedia whicb we all use, only for miniatures. I suppose we could call it a mini-pedia! Here is the link to wikipedia which talks about PB works, the wiki site used by MTW.

I don't know about you, but I have frantically saved all sorts of tips, sites, pictures throughout the years, but have great trouble locating the info. The wiki enables me to save links to specific subjects on pages, which can inter-connect, and to share that info with others.
Go to
Beds are furniture, right? If you enter furniture in the search box on the upper right, the drop down menu offers 2 selections. The folder contains a list of all pages related to furniture. The page (with the little pencil to indicate editing) offers a generic page for general tips and info that apply to furniture in general.

This format kinda fits my tiny little OCD mind. I can't get my mind wrapped around Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but I can understand a dictionary!
Hope this explains about the wiki a bit. Look on Youtube for some tutorials

Linda McD from NOTL, Ontario
aka minilinda2001

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