Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog award for Mini treasures

Wohoo - Mini treasures just got the first blog award :). It was given by The Fashion Doll Review thank you very much, you don't know how much this means for me :). In favor I added your Facebook page to Mini treasures favorites. :)

The rules on this prize, if you'd like to play along, are as follows:
Write a post about this prize, including the photo above and a link to the blog which awarded you the prize. Then, award it to 15 blogs that you enjoy reading.

It is always very hard to choose the favorite blogs so I let Google Analytics do the work for me and promote the blogs that has brought most traffic to Mini treasures wiki during the last month. Fair game and very nice blogs also, go and visit them. :)

So my winners are:

1. Schifka -
2. Nukkekoti Väinölä -
3. Hanna&leijona -
4. A miniature life -
5. Doreen's miniatures -
6. Fashion doll review :) -
7. Nasun nukkekoti -
8. The mini food blog -
9. Pubdolls -
10. Debbie's tiny treasures -
11. Little roomers -
12. My small obsession miniatures -
13. The barbiequeue -
14. Tarja's crafts -
15. A minha casa en miniatura -
16. Cauldron craft miniatures -

Congrats and thank you for linking to Mini treasures wiki :).


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