Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New girl on the block

Three weeks ago I moved to a new city, Hämeenlinna. And today I joined a local 3-years-old dollhouse club. As many clubs they have also a traditional club swap and this is what they got today (I was not prepared for this). Next time I will teach them how to use the dollhouse wikis, Nukkekotiwiki in Finnish and Mini treasures wiki in English. As always it was fun to talk about minis. See you soon ladies!

Ps. Like in many families, the big sister (Nukkekotiwiki) is not getting the attention she deserves while mum (me) is taking care of the new baby (Mini treasures wiki). So if you are a Finnish miniaturist maybe you can sometimes go and play with the big sister while the mother has her hands full with the baby. The whole family would be pleased. :)


  1. It was lovely to meet you, even briefly. I hope you had fun at the club after I left. Nice swap I think.


  2. thanks hanna, it was nice to see you too - and like always, it is easy to get along with miniaturists - we are like a one big family who shares the same passion :)


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