Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maintaining our wiki

Mini treasures wiki is free for users to read and edit. Even the miniature sellers can add a link to their shops for free.

But it is not the whole truth - Mini treasures wiki is not free for all: I need to pay for the maintenance every year. And every year it is a bit more expensive.

I just paid the bill again. If you want to participate the costs consider jumping to Amazon via links in Mini treasures wiki or use our new Mini Treasures Store. The most popular item so far is this set bought by 11 people:

Thank you for all who have used this supporting opportunity already :).

If Amazon is not for you but you still want to participate, you can always donate a prize to one of our contests or spread the word about our wiki.

Hope you enjoy our wiki as much as I do :).

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  1. yeah...nothing in life is for free!! I think it is good that you post about this! Readers/users should know! Many Greetings, Anne


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