Saturday, October 20, 2012

Removed members from wiki - sorry folks!

Dollhouse Miniature Flowers - Purple Hyacinth in 1/12 ScaleYesterday Linda got an idea: she wanted to clean our wiki members a bit and checked the ones who had not been logged in for three years. Then she removed almost 70 members. When I found this out I was really really upset. Pbworks is not showing the correct information always and there were valuable members (and my friends) removed who had been editing the wiki during these years. Even if the people are not logged in for our service they might visit our site regularly (you can read without logging in) and follow the wiki updates from their own emails.

So far our policy has been that only the spammers (you now them, they are marketing rented cars and diets and so on, kitchenware for our 1:1 homes not for our mini projects) have been blocked away. We do not have any activity rules for our members and we will not make them now. We wont start kicking away miniaturists, only spammers!

So what I just did? Invited the removed members back to our wiki. I also invited them to our new Yahoo group which has recently started to help our users with the wiki problems as well as giving us feedback and new ideas about how to improve our services. The rest of you are also welcome to join our group!

I now Linda meant only good with her cleaning and she is sorry too about what happened. Peace & harmony folks, we do want to keep you in our wiki!

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  1. I've got no idea whether I was "kicked out" or not but I readily admit that I've forgotten both my login and password info for wiki.


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