Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Winners of our birthday contest

Hi there

We have had a very nice birthday party on our site :). And we got quite many participants on our big contest where we had 9 (NINE!) the cutest mini prizes.

I just did the lottery and here are the winners.

Saara Vallineva, Hegemony77, gingeranna, Pat Wareing, Linda McD, Micaela Lehtonen, Danielle LeBrun, A.Dourou and Wendy Riggins.

Congrats to you all and check our site to see what did you win :). I would love to see the photo of your prize when you get it, so please leave a comment below.

The people who have donated our prizes have now been contacted. I gave them the winners email address (the one they use for logging to our wiki) so they can ask for a snail mail address and be enable to send them to right destination.

Thank you for all the nice people who took part in our contest this time. :)


  1. o wwow....what a wonderful surprise!!! :) will contact you later!! Thank you!!!

  2. Very cool!!! Thank you!!! I look forward to hearing from Elleban!!!


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