Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to add Blogger pictures to MTW

A wiki reader was asking help with embedding Blogspot/Blogger photos in Mini treasures wiki so I wrote instructions for her and then added them to the wiki as well, see Photos_Picasa page. As I wrote the instructions using Finnish UI there might be different words in your Picasa so I hope you edit the instructions.

But this is what we have there now:

How to embed Picasa (Blogspot) pictures in this wiki

Find your photos from Picasa (Log in)
Choose the album connected to your blog (e.g. my photo album connected to jjminit blog is
Change your album to be public (Edit - Album settings)
Share: choose Public


Then go to the picture you want to embed
In the right panel there is e.g. information about the picture and a link icon "Link this picture" (or something like that, my UI is in Finnish).
Click it.
Choose the size of the picture: Small 288 pix
Copy paste from the second box. There is a code which looks like this:

...table style="width:auto;" a href=" ...

Come back to Mini treasures wiki and choose a page on which you want to add your picture, click Edit and go to the table where the pictures are. Choose an empty cell. Then from Insert-HTML/Java Script.
Enter code here: paste the code in this box
Allow Java Script.
Insert Plugin

Done! :)

This is how the picture looks like on wiki page:

Lähettäjä jjminit

I hope this will encourage more readers to post their photos to Mini treasures wiki :).

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