Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The second MTW contest starts now!

Wohoo! It is time to start the second wiki competition. In the first contest we were looking for tips for miniature projects inspired by football - congrats Betty King :). Now we do not limit the content but the time - everyone who is editing the wiki during the following week will be part of a lottery. You can e.g. correct spelling mistakes, promote your dollhouse projects or recommend a museum/book/shop. The lottery results will be informed on Wednesday 28th July 2010 (or later).

If you have not edited the wiki yet, see wiki abc and wiki faq.

And one of the editors will get wonderful prize donated by
Marottesud: the 6 Jane Austen's novels
-"Pride and prejudice",
-"Sense ans sensibility",
-"Nothanger Abbey" and
-"Mansfield Park"),
that's 12 miniature books because each one of the novels is in 2 volumes.

Good luck and if you have problems with editing, ask help from me. :)

PS. If you are not lucky in the lottery but are dying to get the books you can of course buy the books from her Etsy shop.

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