Monday, July 5, 2010

Organizing wiki: tags

Are you familiar with the concept of tags? If not, check this video:

An example with Halloween tagged pages.

What this has to do with us then?

Well, we also use tags in our wiki and now I am telling you why and how.

Why we need tags?

Tags are needed for organizing the data. Folders can help in that too but a page can only belong to one folder.

E.g. in countries folder we have Italy, France, UK...

Then we have tags. E.g. pages with tag "italian" (we use small letters both in page names and in tags):
blogs_italian(belongs in blogs folder),
fusili(food folder),
italian(nationalities folder),
leonardo_da_vinci(celebrities folder),
pasta(food folder),

How they are then used?

Go to a wiki page and look in the right panel.

Click Edit tags
(or Add tags if there are not any yet)
so that the space will be active:
now you can edit the tags, e.g. add new tags or remove old ones. There are no limit about how many tags there are in one page (at least I have not seen any limits so far).

So when ever you see a page that has not enough tags for you go ahead and add them. Read more about tags from here and thanks for tagging. :)

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