Saturday, December 12, 2009

Calling for Dutch dollhouse miniaturists out there!

As I just showed Netherlands was the most active country in Mini treasures wiki during the last month by the number of visitors. It was a surprise for me that there were so many Dutch visitors since as far as I know we do not have any active wiki user from there yet. But I hope we soon have as the Netherlands is one of the home countries of the dollhouse hobby. :)

So to celebrate&welcome our Dutch readers I just added a new tag for Dutch wiki pages.

See e.g. Dutch projects or Dutch miniature shops.

Feel free to add your links there - we want to learn to know you better since your canal houses are so charming. :)


  1. thanks for this adjustment. Did you have a good look around on the this is an on going exchange from miniatursts in the dutch language, showing there work and giving each other encouragement now and than.


  2. Take a look at my site for tutorials & printables, you wonder how much activity there is in the Netherlands.
    my regards; Petra

  3. What a nice website do you have.

    I have a blog look at:
    It is writen in dutch but the pictures and photo's are nice to see.

    You can also look at:
    that are miniclubs with members all over the country (Netherlands)

    And you can look at:
    That is a online miniclub of the Netherlands
    The have about 30 members and make one workshop each month.

    Thanks and best wishes,


  4. Thank you ladies - I have added your links to the wiki but from now on if you think there is a cool link to be added remember that you can add them yourself - that is the greatest part in wikis - anyone can update them :).

  5. I have a blog too
    Can you please add it, for I don't know how to do it.

    Kind regards from Holland



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