Saturday, December 12, 2009

Statistics from Mini treasures wiki

In the spring I tried to add Google Analytics to Mini treasures wiki but gave up too early after problems. In November I met an Analytics expert who also had trouble - and only after that I asked help from PBworks team. They gave the answer quick as always and now I am sorry I did not asked them before. Well, better late than never.

So now I have some statistics to share with you. It is not perfect as the Analytics code is added only to about 5% of the wiki pages but as time goes on I try to add it to all pages.

Now that we have the Advent calendar (see 12th window by Pubdolls) ongoing the number of daily visitors has grown a lot - 10 times more than in November! :) Cool and thank you for your interest :).

From Sitemeter (measuring only the main page) I have learned that there are visitors all over the world but Analytics is giving more detailed information.

The wiki visitors in the last month came from the following countries

1. Netherlands (a surprise for me)
2. Finland (not a surprise as I am Finnish myself)
3. Germany (another surprise)
4. United States (I was expecting this)
5. Spain (a surprise too although Spanish are very active in our Flickr pool)
6. Austria
7. France
8. Belgium
9. United Kingdom
10. Canada
11. Norway
12. Singapore
13. Italy
14. Australia
15. Portugal
16. Mexico
17. Switzerland
18. Sweden
19. Israel
20. South Africa
21. Russia
22. Denmark
23. Hungary
24. Brazil
25. Argentina
26. New Zealand
27. Japan
28. South Korea
29. India
30. Malaysia
31. Malta
32. Ireland
33. Chile

and from the following countries there were one visitor:
Sri Lanka, Algeria, Thailand, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Gibraltar, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Senegal, Venezuela, Vietnam, Peru, Latvia and Isle of Man

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