Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mini treasures in Facebook

In the spring I created a Facebook group for Mini treasures wiki. Currently there are 16 people in it and there is not that much happening there. What I have learnt from other organizations in Facebook is that fan pages tend to be more active than the groups - mainly because the fan pages you will see on your own wall while group messages can be read only if you remember to visit the group - or if you will get email messages.

So this week I took the time and moved Mini treasures wiki to a new level by setting up a fan page for us as well. After just 2 days we have more members (fans) than we have in the group - wow!

So if you are using Facebook join our fan page to get updates about the wiki easily on your Facebook wall. :)

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  1. Hi! Marsha, Enchanticals, here. Flickr too. Just joined on FB. Will do when I get Twitter set up.

    You have done such a wonderful job with this group. Marsha


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