Thursday, April 16, 2009

Books and photos added

Updating the new wiki is rather easy, just copy-pasting from the old Finnish wiki. And then a little editing on both...

I added books. The only reasonable format of presenting this information is tables - too bad that editing them is not always so easy. I didn't want to translate the Finnish book reviews so I left most of the fields empty so that other users can fill them. I hope you do!

Then I added photo albums. Pictures are so essential in this hobby, we don't need to understand the language used but all of us understand the amazing mini pictures. I know there are thousands of photo albums available out there so I divided the photo albums by services: Flickr, Fotki, Gfoto,, Ovi Share, Photobucket, Picasa, Picturetrail, PixBox, Webshots. It seems that Flickr is the most popular right now but let's see what happens when you start adding links to your favorite albums. Photo albums of Finnish miniaturists are collected here, do you know if other nationalities have same kind of lists?

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