Thursday, April 16, 2009

Promoting Mini treasures

Do you have any ideas how to promote the new wiki? I tried but the link was removed because the site is not mature enough, i.e. not long enough history and not enough editors. Well, it's almost 2 days old now and there has been 2 editors in addition to me, why that is not enough? ;) I've been telling about the new wiki to my dollhouse friends and some of them have forwarded the news to their friends. I'm also hoping that once people find out that they are getting visitors from my wiki they are eager enough to study it further.

But before starting the big wiki promo campaign I need more content. :)

I started with blogs but now there's pages also for:
home pages
magazines and
printables .

In near future I'll add the shops but before that I need to figure out how I structure the shop pages, by countries, by languages, by continents, by names (alphabetically), by the way they are selling, by assortment... Any ideas for that?

PS. This blog has been added to Blogilista and Blogged.

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