Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wiki slogan and a story behind

A site and service needs a slogan, right?

In the morning I found the slogan from my head:

Mini treasures wiki - Connecting dollhouse people.

I love it, do you? :) The true meaning of the wiki is to help us to connect with each others.

I started this hobby back in 2000. In that time I didn't know anyone doing dollhouses and but then I found Yahoo groups and was thrilled - I'm not the only nut :). I started to network with other miniaturists in Finland and a little bit outside Finland too - now one of my best friends are found via the hobby.

When the hobby was hardening in Finland I quit the foreign groups and started to promote the hobby in the web in Finnish. I established own Yahoo group with my 2 friends, Nukkekotielämä in 2002 and that group is really special: in 2004 we build a dollhouse together and in 2005 we published the very first dollhouse hobby book in Finnish. Our other projects are recorded in our common web page.

My dollhouse web pages (started 2003) were pioneering in Finland and in 2005 I started one of the first dollhouse blogs in Finland. In 2006 I started the Finnish Dollhouse wiki (Nukkekotiwiki) and by now it has found its place among the dollhouse enthusiasts.

Now it's time for me to go back to the roots and start dealing with miniaturists around the world again. :) Back in 2000 it was nice to find someone who do dollhouses but now that we are so many in web I want to mainly find my soul mates: someone who does similar projects than me. My wiki can help me in that and I hope it will work for you too. Whether your dollhouse is occupied by skeletons, Sylvanian families or James Carrington originals, whether your dollhouses are in 1600s or 2000s, in Rome, London or NY, whether your dollhouse shops sell candies or hardware Mini treasures wiki will help you in finding similar projects.

I'm so thrilled about this since I know that if I succeed with the wiki it can change the way we all do this hobby!

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