Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PBwiki is now PBworks

The wiki service we are using for Mini treasures wiki changed their name from PBwiki to PBworks:

What we have now is not just some user-friendly generic wiki; it’s an increasingly full-featured hosted collaboration environment, used by tens of thousands of companies around the world to get their work done. It became clear that ‘wiki’ was caging us in.

I didn't know about this change until now so I need to think about this - should I change the name of my service too? The official term is now Mini treasures wiki but should I change it to Mini treasures work? Or maybe I should just use the url: http://minitreasures.pbworks.com/ .

Wiki is a well known term, if you are in a wiki you know that you can edit it. Work is of course more familiar term than wiki but doesn't make sense in this context... If I rename the site Mini treasures portal or Mini treasures web is it then clear that you can also edit it?

Any ideas my friends, I'm hoping to hear comments before making the decision? :)


  1. I think Mini treasures wiki still works just fine. You still have all the wiki functionality, after all!

    Chris Yeh
    VP Enterprise Marketing

  2. Thanks Chris for answering and big thanks for the great service you are providing :).


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