Monday, June 7, 2010

MTW goes to Canada

Hey Carrots! (sold)This is already third theme week - this time we concentrate on Canadian minis and projects. Tell me what comes to your mind from Canada? In 2006 I visited Vancouver and had wonderful time there: I went to a fleamarket, a big mall with 1 dollar shop and a wonderful bead shop - and found treasures to my dollhouses, e.g. small Dawn doll, a small totem for my white witch and beads as vases and containers. I also took a ferry ride and saw dozens of bear statues all over the town.

One of the most charming Canadians I know (apart from our lovely Linda) is Anne of Green Gables. I read all those Anne books as a kid and saw the tv serie too. Inspiring girl, isn't she? Thanks to her (and Emily of course) I decided to be a writer - and I did it - we wrote the first dollhouse book in Finnish in 2005. :)

Now it is time to share your Canada memories together with the tips and links: what should a miniaturist see and doo in Canada and how to capture Canadian memories with help of miniatures? Check the Canadian pages.


  1. What a wonderful site -- just want to say that
    Linda McD is a valued member of our Niagara Minis Club here in Ontario, Canada. We
    learned a lot about Mini Treasures at our
    meeting on Monday and will visit often.
    Ann in Thorold, Ontario, Canada

  2. Thanks Ann for commenting. We are both so lucky for having Linda around us :). Nice to hear you like the site :)


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