Friday, June 11, 2010

MTW contest: football

So far I do not run out of ideas about what we could do in our wiki - the only limitation is the time - not enough time for the site...

Now we are opening the very first contest in Mini treasures wiki!

Our contest is connected to FIFA World cup in South Africa started today - both of them last one month. It's about digging cool ideas, tips and links related to football (soccer) projects in miniature. We do not limit the scale - it can be anything from microminis to big fashion dolls.

Being a "football widow" herself Linda is the judge of the contest. On 11th July she will decide the coolest tip someone added to football page. That someone is the winner of the first contest and the prize (donated by Linda) will be sent to her(him). So if you see a cool dollhouse/doll project related to football, if you see cool printables, if you see mini instructions - just add them to the page and you are in the game. Maybe you are even inspired to create something by yourself...

PS. There will be more contests as the time goes by. For that we need donators. A donator is being featured in all MTW channels (MTW main page, blog, Facebook, Twitter) during the contest so it is an unique way to promote your miniatures. If you want to get in, contact me. All the contests are different. Normally they last only one week and the participants are usually asked to contributed in MTW in a way or another. This time it is about collecting football tips, next time it will be something completely different. :)

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  1. Johanna, the link for football doesn't work for me?


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